Julia Proleiko

teacher. musician. parent.


My background as a musician comes from growing up with an older brother who was an amazing trumpet player. My earliest memories involve tinkering around on the piano and climbing up high in the closet where my parents kept their 8-tracks. I took piano lessons early on and started violin in a school orchestra program, eventually going on to get a degree in music theory and composition. My passion has led me from teaching strings in the depths of inner-city USA to teaching language and culture through songs and music in a couple of the top schools in China, from busking on the street corners with friends to accompanying students at a local women’s shelter. I have pursued my curiosity in pedagogy by observing other teachers and training with some of the top pedagogues in the country, not to mention putting my theories into practice by teaching and home-schooling my own children.

From my perspective, studying music isn’t for the sole purpose of becoming a musician: we are all musicians at heart! Some of my previous students are now professional or in the process of becoming professional musicians; however, most have gone on to study math, science, computer science, engineering, law, medicine, ancient languages, religion, etc. Music helps teach us the discipline we need to pursue any dream. It provides us with joy as we realize the fruits of our labors, gives expression to our thoughts, and helps us creatively solve problems. Most importantly, though, music develops the brain in ways that nothing else does and allows us to connect to friend and foe alike, by sharing a uniquely human bond.




We are all musicians at heart.

The Crew


studio photographer/videographer


Adrian grew up playing violin, viola and piano in the studio. He still plays occasionally, but found his true passion in film-production. Adrian started his own company at thirteen and has been making commercials and videos professionally ever since. At fifteen, he has been invited back for the third year to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Moscow, is traveling to Tallinn, Estonia, to be the Director of Photography on a short film, and has been a camera operator in both Russia and China on film and television. What I appreciate most about Adrian, is that he is down to earth and has a wonderful ability to connect with people. Many thanks go to Adrian for the wonderful photographs on the site, as well as all of the recitals he has filmed for the studio!