Julia Proleiko’s Biography

Teaching Violin Lessons in South City, Saint louis, mo, Since 2001

Teacher. Musician. Parent.

Julia’s background as a musician began as an infant growing up with an older brother who was an amazing trumpet player. Her earliest memories involve tinkering around on the piano and climbing up high in the closet where her parents kept their 8-tracks. She took piano lessons early on and started violin in a school orchestra program, eventually going on to get a degree in music theory and composition. Her passion has led her from teaching strings in the depths of inner-city USA to teaching language and culture through songs and music in a couple of top schools in China;  from busking on the street corners with friends to accompanying students at a local women’s shelter. She has pursued an insatiable curiosity in pedagogy by reading, observing, and training with some of the top pedagogues in the world, not to mention putting her own theories into practice by teaching and home-schooling her own two now (mostly) grown sons.

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