High School Music Courses

Theory. History. Appreciation.


Three high school level music courses will be offered during the day for the 2017-2018 school year. Classes are 32 weeks long and run from September until May with a holiday week for Thanksgiving, two weeks each for winter and spring breaks, as well as a week in which the teacher will be participating in the American String Teachers Association music conference. 

Classes include a beginning diagnostic as well as quarterly assessments for your home-school records. Students will also create a portfolio during the course of the school year to demonstrate their work. Weekly presentations and participation in discussions is expected. 

Tuition for the Year is $480. There is a 10% discount for siblings and a 15% discount for multiple classes. If tuition is paid in full by May 25th, tuition per child per class is $384. 

2017-2018 Home-School Class Policies & Registration Form

2017-2018 Home-School Class Descriptions

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Violin Bow

Music Theory & Composition

This class will cover the fundamentals of music theory and harmony which will be applied towards the creation of the student’s own compositions. Students will be taught how to use Finale Notepad, a free music notation software. It is expected that the student be able to sing and/or play a musical instrument prior to taking this class.

Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 pm

Violin Music

Music Appreciation

This is a research based class where students can pick topics for research and presentation. Each class will begin with a jumping off point in history as well as listening assignments from which the student will be expected to explore on their own and make presentations to the class. Students will be encouraged to explore the relationships between music and the other arts as well as music’s impact on other aspects of history. 

Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 pm

Symphony violin

Symphony Sessions

This course will cover a discussion of the music to be performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, as well as concert etiquette and discussions on the performances themselves. Students and their parents will be given the opportunity to obtain deeply discounted student and adult group tickets in order to experience live performances. In addition to the class, students and their parents are encouraged to attend the pre-concert lectures to further enhance the experience.

Thursdays 2:30-3:30 pm