Fox Park Music Studio

HomeSchool Lessons and Classes

As a former home-school parent, I know first hand that home-schooling is not for the faint-hearted: homeschooling is a monumental task that comes with tremendous responsibility. Home-schooling families are often functioning off of only one income and sacrifices are made on both personal and financial levels. To this end, I am making Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday early afternoon times available to home-schoolers and giving a discount during those times to help ease the financial strain on those families.


Lessons: Lessons are scheduled in 45 minute blocks, though siblings may share the same lesson time. Further blocks of time may be added with a 5% (sibling) discount.


Music Theory, History, Appreciation & Composition: Classes may be arranged and the fees split among participants. (One person arranges and pays for the class and the other families pay their portion to that person.) The class rate is $70 for the hour and can be arranged on as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or simply a one-time introduction to music.


Portfolio Assessments: Assessments are available upon request on a semester basis and are free of charge. Included in the assessment are hours in the subject (studio hours separated from home practice hours to help meet Missouri requirements), a general outline of curriculum used, and an evaluation of progress, where applicable. Families are welcome to bring in their own forms to be filled out.   Sample Assessment Form. 


Discounted Tuition:  Regular semester tuition is $600 for 11 forty-five minute lesson blocks. Home-schoolers with lessons during the weekday home-school hours are given a 15% discount, making tuition for the semester $510. Each additional 45 minute block is given an additional 5% discount or $484.50. 


School Year Discount:  No additional charge is applied to those who must break down semester payments into monthly payments, as long as payments are made by the first lesson of the month. However, for those able to budget ahead, a 10% discount is applied to those who pay for the entire school year upfront.



Call (314) 896-0655 to arrange available lesson times, a free observation, or to answer further questions !