Helping Suzuki Parents

The Suzuki Parents’ Guide to Helping Their Children Reach Their Potential




Over the years, I have been privileged enough to have worked with some of the most wonderful adults and children. I cannot express enough how much joy I get in watching a child’s face light up with a new understanding or being there to watch as a student suddenly conquers a problem which had been vexing them over the week. I watch with amazement at the beauty of children going through the rites of passage of life such as loosing their first tooth, learning independence with a driver’s license, getting married and even having children of their own! I get to connect and share in the lives of my students through the little details like favorite colors, favorite kinds of ice cream and what’s going on at school, to bigger life events like what high school or college they will attend. In many ways, I feel like I become almost a second mother or auntie to many of the students to whom I am privileged enough to provide musical instruction. To be able to have this personal connection professionally makes me feel like the luckiest person alive.

As time has passed, though, I have also found that there is an increasing need not just for support of the children and adults who are learning to play an instrument, but extra support for those who make that possible: the parents. The parents’ role in musical instruction is absolutely critical for the success of the child, yet parents have an ever-tougher role to play in modern culture, often with the need for both parents to work in addition to families being spread geographically wider apart, so having fewer people to help them with this task. Over the past twenty years, I have read and studied literature written by Shinichi Suzuki, Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori and others in search of ways to help parents. I believe that by creating the role of parent coach and providing parent training, as well as more specialized help for those parents who have taken on the full-time role of home-school teacher, parents will be able fulfill their ultimate goal of raising their children to be happy, successful and highly talented individuals. My goal is to help provide parents with the support they need to be able to raise their children’s ability to the highest possible level.

Parent training classes and coaching help the parent create an environment and nurture themselves as parents in preparation to being their child’s best teacher. Parent classes help parents conquer their fears and get the support they need to raise their child’s abilities to the highest level.



Parent Classes

Parent Classes are offered to all parents and required to those parents who are wanting to enroll their children in Suzuki Lessons with Fox Park Music Studio. Parents attend weekly classes which prepare them to take on the role of home teacher, give practical solutions to many common issues that parents face, as well as give an opportunity for parents to become part of a support system with other parents attending. Classes also include basic music theory as well as learning how to play violin or piano through the Twinkles. 

New Parent Class forming Tuesdays at 1:30 pm & 8:30 pm.

Please call or e-mail for further information or to sign up for the next session!

Parent Packet


Private Parent Coaching

Do you struggle either getting your child to practice or practicing with your child? Ever wish you had a parent’s manual or understand music better yourself? Want to discuss home practice issues in a confidential setting away from the child?

Special One-on-One Coachings and Training Sessions can be arranged to fit in your schedule.

Please call or e-mail for further information or to schedule a coaching!


Practice Observation & Feedback

Being the home teacher is by far the hardest job! I can easily say that as I have been on all three sides of the equation: child, teacher and parent! Even when you think you understand the assignment from the teacher, things can go very terribly wrong at home, or at least not as well as you would like in order to get the greatest benefit from lessons. Sometimes, all it takes to go from a not-so-good practice to life-altering bonding moments with your child is to be able to isolate tiny issues: wording, gestures, expressions or environment, to name a few. The Practice Coach Observation is simple: either come with your child to the Studio or videotape your practice with your child in their home environment, observations will be made (without interrupting the flow of the parent teaching the child) and a list of suggestions given.

*Please note, as this is available to anyone regardless of who their regular teacher, studio or school is, the only suggestions given are those that pertain directly to practicing with the child! Observations are not meant to substitute for lessons with the child’s regular teacher.