Julia – U.M.K.C. School of Medicine

“Studying violin has had numerous impacts on my life. Not only was I able to expand my love of music and repertoire, I also learned valuable lessons that I have carried over into other aspects of my life Most importantly, I discovered that, although some things may start out difficult, they can usually be overcome with persistence, help from others, and believing that I can do it. Playing the violin exemplifies this because though new pieces may at first appear difficult, they can be mastered with strong will, driven by a passion for music. I am so grateful that I learned to play violin!”

Michelle – Orchestra Teacher

“Music has positively impacted me to want to educate and share my love with others. It has a way of allowing people to express and experience emotions in different forms. My hope is that my students will have the same connections!”

Paige – Marine Biology Major

“Music has changed my life in so many positive ways. The two that come to mind fastest are how it allows me to express myself and how much it relieves stress and allows me to relax and really enjoy even the simplest most boring task because I have music to listen to and enjoy. I love how interesting music has made my life. There are friends I will never forget from Orchestra. I never would have met them if it weren’t for music and an unforgettable trip to Europe where I got to play my violin in seven different countries.”

Adrian – Director of Photography at VinFive Visual

“Music has always been a part of my life. I even use music in my work. Learning to play violin, viola and piano taught me how to keep my hands steady which is an integral part of my job.”

Marie – Grad Student

“Fox Park, owned and operated by Julia Proleiko, was basically my home away from home from the time I started lessons at the age of 10 and when I left for college at 17. Not only did I learn how to play violin, I learned how to “learn.” If you were interested in a specific kind of music (movie soundtrack, Broadway musical, bluegrass, hip-hop, fiddle, etc.), Julia would go out of her way to find something suited to your proficiency level-oftentimes a piece that encourages you to reach beyond your limits and really improve! -and not only teach you how to play it, but equip you with the proper tools so that you know how to approach such a piece on your own outside of studio lesson. Not only did this come in handy when learning pieces on my own, but this method became applicable to me in college and graduate school. Learning violin and music theory at Fox Park taught me how to be disciplined when it came to completing a task every single day as well as setting goals for myself. Most people who took music lessons as young people can say that they learned the benefit of daily practice, but I think what makes Julia unique is that she encouraged a specific quality of practice. If you were given three assignments for the week and you only completed one, but could do it exactly right, then that was better than doing all three poorly. Quality over quantity seems like a cliche, but when it comes to perfecting an art and teaching students what success looks like, the phrase is appropriate. I am a testament to the idea that setting students up for success in every part of their life by teaching them how to do small things well is the best teaching method. This is the building block for successful professionals and artists. Learning to play basic pieces in a beautiful and graceful way is more important than playing a large, sub-par repertoire. This goes beyond playing an instrument and I apply this practice to all aspects of my adult creative life. Julia encourages her students to passionately pursue what inspires them. Her studio felt like a real-life musical community to which I belonged. I would 100% recommend parents and teachers to send their students to Julia for lessons.”