Understanding Concepts From, By, & For Orchestra Class



Orchestra Tutor

For the student who needs assistance with orchestra material during the school year. 




Summer Instruction

For students who want to bridge the gap of instruction during summer break. Instruction includes reinforcing concepts already learned and preparing music for the upcoming school year.



Summer Intensives

For dedicated orchestra students who want to use the summer to really push themselves to excel, but who aren’t enrolled in private lessons.


Reading Pitch & Rhythm

Tone Production

Counting & Conducting

Shifting & Vibrato

Sight-Reading Training

Audition Preparation & Practice




Developing the Mental & Physical Skills of Practicing

Violin Lessons

Practice Coach – Lessons

For students who have private teachers, but need extra help learning the art of practicing. 

Orchestra Tutor

Practice Coach – Orchestra

For students who need an extra helping hand learning how to tackle difficult passages, prioritizing what to spend time on and knowing what to or not to practice to get the most out of orchestra class.

Practice Coach – Parents

For parents who need a helping hand practicing with their children.


Practicing is an art.

One can just as easily practice to be bad as practice to be good, so how do we make sure our practicing will make us better and raise our ability level? Whether it be preparing a solo, practicing for an orchestra audition, or simply trying to get through a five minute practice session with a two year old, one can always refine the art of practicing.


“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” -Vince Lombardi

“Practice only on the days you eat.” -Shinichi Suzuki

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”



Slow Practice


Tutoring & Coaching 



Tutoring and Coaching sessions are scheduled on the basis of how many sessions are purchased and according to availability in the teacher’s schedule. If the sessions are all scheduled at the same time and day weekly, then the tutoring/coaching student has first priority to extend that day/time up until the week prior to the last session scheduled. (In order to reserve the same time/day, you must stay a minimum of one session paid in advance. Otherwise, the time becomes open for another student.)

All lessons canceled due to teacher cancellation will be made up.

Lessons canceled by the student will not be refunded or given a make-up.

In case of inclement weather or illnesses where a student is able to play, the lesson will be held over Skype OR offered a video analysis.

If a student shows up sick and/or running a fever, they will be sent home with no option of refund, make-up, Skype session or video analysis.

Students who arrive late will be given the remainder of their lesson time.


1 Hour $70

5 Hours $330

10 Hours $600