COVID-19 Studio Updates

Studio Update:         23. July. 2020

The main goal of the studio is to meet the holistic needs of each individual child and their family. To that end, not only are great efforts being undertaken to help prevent communal spread of COVID-19, but also not to forget about the developmental, social, and emotional, well-being of the child. During this challenging time for all of us, it is of utmost importance to provide stability and support for our most vulnerable. With that in mind, both in-person and online lessons are available. Parents are requested to strictly follow health protocol for both themselves and their children and with any sign of illness, including fever, diarrhea and vomiting, required for the health and safety of all within the studio to switch their lessons to online until after all possibility of contagiousness has passed, which currently for the state of Missouri is three days fever-free.

Within my studio, I will not be wearing a mask due both to my breathing issues which are exacerbated by prolonged mask use as well as the limiting nature of use of the mask in communication, especially for the very small, those on the autism spectrum and those with hearing issues, who must be able to watch my mouth in order to better understand instruction. For families who are uncomfortable with this policy, lessons may remain online until the family feels safe for in-person lessons once again, which can be decided on a family by family basis. All support will be given in allowing families to choose which options best suit their needs.

Practicing performance is essential in learning any instrument and therefore will still be available to students; however, limitations will be put in place in order to restrict the number of people in the studio at any given time. Group Classes will be limited in size and will be on a sign-up basis only. Group Classes may be canceled, depending upon current conditions. Studio Classes will be canceled for the remainder of 2020. Hopefully, we will be able to schedule and resume Studio Classes and Performances in Spring 2021. A this time, tentative dates for 2020-2021 are set for our yearly performances at the Mary Ryder Home; however, they will most likely be canceled due to concerns for prevention of spread of the virus to the residents of the retirement home. Individual recitals may be scheduled and recorded for family and friends.

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