Fox Park Music

Studio, llc


Life is not about waiting for the storm to

pass. It’s about learning how to dance in

the rain. -Vivian Greene

Fox Park Music Studio is tuition based education located in St. Louis, MO, inspired by Shinichi Suzuki’s Talent Education model utilizing music instruction to help in the holistic development of children. Private lessons are given on a weekly basis on violin, viola, and piano, in conjunction with twice monthly group classes.

About the Teacher

Julia Proleiko received her Bachelor of Music from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music. After graduating, she began her study of the Suzuki Method, working with teacher trainers Patricia D’Ercole, Joe Kaminsky & Ed Sprunger on violin; William Preucil on viola; Carolyn Fraser, Rita Hauck, Joan Krzywicki & Cathy Hargrave on piano, as well as observing and learning from teachers all over the United States in workshops, institutes and in their private studios and schools. She has taught both in public and private schools and, except for a few sojourns in Russia and China, has maintained a private studio since moving to St. Louis in 1997. When not doing music, she enjoys gardening, biking, taking hikes with her family, doing yoga, and curling up with a good book with her cat.

Important Skills Developed Through

Musical Training

Creative Problem Solving Abstract Reasoning Critical Thinking Delayed Gratification Focus & Concentration Discipline Cooperation Memory Attentiveness & Listening Coordination & Fine Motor Skills Self-Expression & Sensitivity


Are you accepting students? o Yes! There are a few spots open during the week, mostly during home-schooling hours. What ages do you accept? o Students ages 3 and up are accepted once a parent has completed the Parent Training Course. (And, YES! Adults are welcome as well!) What method do you use? o For all three instruments, the “Suzuki Method” with its accompanying repertoire and recordings are utilized; however, this is supplemented with standard and non-standard repertoire, etudes, and other materials. What is tuition? o Tuition is based on a 44 week year with 4 semesters of eleven 45 minute lessons and includes all group and studio classes.
Violin Viola Piano