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Fox Park Music Studio Lesson Information

Creating Life-Long Passion One Skill At A Time


Music is for everyone.

Fox Park Park Music Studio is dedicated to helping guide students in reaching their goals in music, developing both as fine musicians as well as helping build life skills and characteristics which promote success, such as self-discipline, goal-setting, problem-solving, learn delayed gratification, grit, perseverance, memory and concentration. Students from all ages, backgrounds and abilities are welcome in the studio and instruction is individualized to meet personal needs. 

In order to ensure success, students under the age of 12 are required to have a parent attend the lesson and be the home teacher. Parent training is provided and parents are assisted along the way to help create both the environment and atmosphere in which learning and practicing is fun, effective and the most efficient use of tuition. The short-term result is a happier parent-child relationship and the long-term result is the development of talent which will carry through the child’s entire life.

Suzuki Lesson Information

New & Transfer Suzuki Students

Parents of both new students and transfer students must arrange to observe a minimum of one lesson without the child present prior to signing up for parent training (for parents of children less than 12 years of age) or parent orientation (for children over 12 years of age). 

Parent Training

Parents with children under the age of 12 wishing to sign their children up for lessons need to first attend parent training classes. This initial time commitment on the part of the parent is dedicated towards establishing a supportive home environment, daily listening habits and creating the time necessary to excel in learning to play a musical instrument. Violin parents will need to rent a full-size violin for a minimum of two months ($20/month), which, depending upon the shop from which the violin is rented, may be exchanged for the fractional size instrument for the child.  Piano parents will need to acquire a minimum of a keyboard with weighted keys. Parental commitment is essential for the child’s success in music and parent training is designed to help you make efficient use of both your time and tuition.

Parent Orientation

Parents wanting to sign their children (ages 12-16) up for lessons need to attend a Parent Orientation prior to scheduling lessons. Parent Orientations are $60 and are 2 hours long. (Bring another parent and split the fee!) Parental support is still important, even as the student gains independence from the parent. The Orientation covers teacher expectations, tips for setting up a practice space, an opportunity for parents to share their goals, voice concerns, and an overall time for the teacher and parent to establish a relationship that provides a foundation for the student’s lessons. 

Individual Lessons

Lessons are scheduled in 45 minute blocks. Whatever time not used with the child will be dedicated to teaching and helping the parent. 

Group & Studio Classes

Group Classes for the 2020-21 school year are scheduled on Saturdays. Studio Classes are postponed until Spring 2021 due to concerns over community spread of COVID-19.

Group Classes are centered around the Suzuki repertoire and are limited to those using the Suzuki/Talent Education Method. (The exception to this are Holiday Groups.)

Studio Classes are practice performances and are open to students of all ages and levels, contingent upon teacher approval.

2020-21 School Year

Semester Dates:

Fall (11 lessons/45 min)

August 18 – November 14

Fall Break:

Aug 31 – Sep 7 & Nov 1 – 9

Winter (11 lessons/45 min)

November 17 – February 20

Winter Break:

Dec 21- Jan 4

Spring (11 lessons/45 min)

February 23 – May 29

Spring Break:

Mar 14 – Apr 5

Fall, Winter, & Spring Semesters are each divided into 11 lessons of 45 minutes. Included in tuition are classes and recitals.

Semester Tuition: $605

PayPal is accepted, but a 3% fee is added to cover PayPal’s fees.  

Tuition is due in full prior to the first lesson of the semester, unless special arrangements have been made, and is pro-rated according to when in the semester the student begins.

Tuition may be monthly in payments of $205.

Yearly Tuition is $1800 for the first student/instrument in the family and a 10% discount ($1620) for all subsequent students/instruments within a family.

Studio Policies


  1. Regular Attendance is expected at all scheduled Lessons, Groups, Classes & Performances.
  2. Students are encouraged to arrive a couple of minutes prior to their scheduled start time in order to prepare their instrument and music, listen to the preceding lesson, and get in an open frame of mind to learn.
  3. Late arrivals will be given the remainder of their lesson time.
  4. In case of inclement weather or illnesses where a student is able to play, the lesson will be scheduled at their regular time over Skype.

Missed / Canceled Lessons

  1. All lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up.
  2. Lessons canceled by the student will not be refunded, but the following conflicts will be offered make-ups: medical emergencies and concerts/competitions where the student is performing (if and only if notice is given at the beginning of the semester).
  3. Make-up lessons that are canceled by the student will not be rescheduled, refunded or credited.
  4. If a student comes to their lesson sick and/or running a fever, they will be sent home with no make-up
  5. Make-up lessons are contingent upon timely payment of tuition.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Written notice a minimum of two weeks in advance is required if a student/parent decides to withdraw from the studio before the end of the semester. A $35 processing fee will be charged on refunds of tuition. Refunds are not given in any other circumstance.

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