The Practice Toolbox

The Practice Toolbox

The Practice Toolbox is an ongoing collection of ideas, resources, and pragmatic solutions to the daily struggles of learning the art of practice.

The inspiration behind The Practice Toolbox was in watching parents and students as well as  personally experiencing with my own children the ups and downs of daily practice sessions, whether it be practicing on their musical instruments, working on schoolwork, or in developing life skills in general. Over the years, I found that what worked one day with one child may as well be thrown out the next, only to be brought out again to great effect days, weeks or months later with a different child. I discovered to my delight that with the proper tools, practicing can become less painful, more productive and even downright fun. I hope to share my collection of ideas with others so that others may find joy, or at the very least less drudge, in their daily practicing!

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YouTube Practice Videos

The Practice Toolbox website (currently under reconstruction) began as an offline collection of practice suggestions, games, and resources, for parents of students who were struggling in their daily practice sessions. The impetus behind the first videos posted on this channel, however, was the desire to supplement and enhance lessons which were forced online due to the lock-downs/Shelter-In-Place Orders, especially for my youngest beginners.

The videos for the most part are supposed to supplement practice sessions at home. If you look in the content section, there should be time stamps which allow you to jump to that part of the video for repeated practice without having to sit through the entire video over and over. (I believe you need to be on a computer in order for the time stamps work.) Current students should contact me if they would like their own personalized playlist of pieces to practice as well as any videos they think might be helpful for home practice! 

Playlists on the The Practice Toolbox YouTube Channel:

Pre-Twinkle Violin Variation A

Magic Carpet for Violin

Twinkle Variations in A Major

Other A Major Twinkles

Twinkle Variations in D Major

Suzuki Book 1 Viola


Ear Training

All videos are marked as Made for Kids, which means that YouTube must implement certain safety requirements, including not tracking, collecting information, directing ads towards the children, as well as not allowing comments. [Please let me know if any ads do pop up on the videos!]